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              Fastest In-Circuit Test Platform

              • 產品名稱:Fastest In-Circuit Test Platform
              • 產品型號:TestStation TS124 TS128
              • 產品廠商:teradyne
              • 產品文檔:
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              Fastest In-Circuit Test Platform Teradyne’s TestStation in-circuit test systems provide electronics manufacturers with reliable high-quality, high-volume testing for the latest printed circuit board assembly (PCBA) technologies that are used in automotive, industrial, computing, consumer, communications, and defense end-products.

              Fastest In-Circuit Test Platform



              TestStation in-circuit test systems provide full structural and functional coverage for a wide range of manufacturing, component, process, and performance defects for high-performance analog, digital, and mixed-signal devices used on modern PCBs.

              TestStation models can be configured specifically for the following end-product testing:

              • High-Reliability Products – Automotive and Industrial applications that require extreme fault detection capability, and parts-per-billion defect rates for the end-consumer
              • High-Complexity Products – Network, Computing, and Communications applications tests that incorporate large numbers of devices and require capability beyond 5,000 test points
              • High-Volume Products – Consumer and Wireless applications that require extremely low cost of test and no-touch manufacturing solutions


              TestStation is a scalable design that allows users to easily configure size, pin count, instrumentation, automation options, and other test features to match your specific test needs and satisfy throughput, and budget requirements.

              Capable - Flexible - Scalable

              • Configurable for ict, boundary scan, ISP, flash programming, and functional test
              • Multiple system sizes, options, pin counts, and automation options
              • Common test architecture with consistent hardware options and software environments across system models

              Standard Features 

              Standard features available with all TestStation Models include:

              • High performance Windows-based PC Controller
              • Optimized defect detection algorithms
              • High precision measurements of analog components
              • High-voltage source and measurement instruments capabilities
              • Arbitrary Waveform Generator Instrument
              • Sampling scope to capture on-board signals
              • Vectorless Test Technologies for detection of open pins on ICs and Connectors
              • Eight measurement channels scannable to any tester pin
              • GPIB bus for connection of IEEE-488 compatible instruments
              • Synchronized Analog & Digital subsystems
              • Built-in calibration standards module and self-test circuits
              • Dedicated, user programmable, relay drivers
              • High-level programming language
              • Powerful and easy-to-use Debug and Production user interface
              • FLASH and ISP Toolset for Programmable Logic Devices
              • Insightful Data Collection and Data Display softwarMultiple Test Heads (2x, 3x, 4x throughput improvement)

              • TestStation Multi-Site
              • TestStation Duo
              Inline & Automation Ready
              • TestStation Multi-Site Inline
              • TestStation Rackmount (TSR)
              Compact Footprint
              • TestStation LH
              • TestStation Multi-Site Offline
              High Pin Count (up to 15,360 pins)
              • TestStation LX
              • TestStation LX2
              Compatible with Legacy/Discontinued Systems
              • TestStation
              • TestStation LH w/ ZTS Adapter
              • TestStation Duo
              • TestStation LX


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